What an exciting moment to finally launch my website!  Quite a learning curve it has been but, with help from ‘Wordpress for Dummies’ and a lot of googling, I have managed to achieve my dream of creating a website myself.   Words like widgets, hyperlinks, plugins and SEO (search engine optimisation) are starting to become part of my vocabulary!

Simplicity Services, my professional organising business, is all about helping people to simplify their lives.  My vision is that this website will be more than informing prospective clients about what I do as a professional organiser and how to contact me.  I also want it to be a resource for anyone who wants to access useful information to help them to organise their home and work spaces, to guide them when they downsize and move, or to create more calm and focus in their lives.  I will be adding to the resource section on a regular basis, so watch this space!

Likewise, I hope my blog will inspire you to work towards a simpler way of living and working that will lead to less stress and more energy and fun in your lives!

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