Feedback from Simplicity Services’ satisfied clients:

Decluttering and organising

Thank you to the lovely Vicky Sim who helped me organise a ‘mountain’ full of stored stationery, books, papers, CDs, that have been collected over the years. I don’t think I could have done the amount of clearing out and sorting, that we’ve done in 3 short hours, without her! Vicky’s help was just what I needed to get me motivated to do more clearing out. I can definitely recommend her organising skills. Thank you, Vicky, you rock!   Martie Robinson

I could never have managed our mammoth move without Vicky Sim! Her secret? She makes a molehill out of a mountain. Highly recommended to anyone requiring assistance with sorting, organising or packing of any kind. Ailsa Moffatt

Vicky helped us to declutter & bring order to my office and was very efficient & well organised. I highly recommend Simplicity Services for any home/office decluttering needs. Thanks, Vicky and we look forward to working with you in the future! Judy Panton-Jones

Thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication to clean up my mums’ home.  We have accomplished a lot in the short space of time we had. It was awesome working with you.  K and R Morgan

You really have added so much value to our homemaking and organising, and your suggestions have been so helpful in directing our focus and finding solutions that work in our space. It feels like we’ve been able to take a big bite out of the organising task with your help, and there is a lot more still to do, but it feels a whole lot more manageable. R Perkins

I could never have done this on my own. So once again a big and special thank you. I am feeling a totally new person. Sat in the lounge this evening in total peace, no stress. Loving my new spaces but finding it hard to realise that I don’t have to rush around tidying up. … Need to settle & reclaim my time & myself.  I get a ‘little smug’ watching the ‘Neat’ programmes now…but not critical! Marilyn Mouton 

The filing system is working extremely well. It is keeping me so organised … filing is a pleasure now and the flow is really good. Everyone is so impressed that I can find things at the drop of a hat while moving. Thanks again for getting this done with me. It was definitely worth the investment. Olivia Hardy 

Thanks for being an inspiration, Vicky. I’m starting to feel more in control of my life and less overwhelmed by chaos.  Just wonderful to have a fresh perspective from you – you’ve set the ball rolling!  Deborah-Anne Archary

Vicky Sim helped me by sorting out my bedroom cupboards. With Vicky, I was able to easily throw away clutter that I had been keeping for years. My new-look cupboards have not only given me a more positive start to my days but have also empowered me to clean other cupboards. My child’s and my work cupboards have been transformed. For me, Vicky has made tidying up less stressful.  Sue Verster 

Down-sizing and moving

Whoever gets you, Vicky, to help them are very fortunate indeed.  Your insight, ability, balance and practicality and sheer hard work are valuable assets not many people are gifted with. Thank you for helping us move house and settle into our new place.  After 40 years in our home I knew almost immediately we were in unusually excellent hands. You are a Brilliant Organiser.  Margaret Morby-Smith

I enlisted Vicky’s help to assist my father in decluttering and organising the family home. Having long since flown the nest and moved abroad, it was a relief to learn about a professional organiser who has experience working with seniors who are looking to simplify and downsize. Vicky established a rapport of trust with my father and this enabled her to work with him as an engaged and motivated team player. Vicky handled the whole process with respect and sensitivity and with her guidance and regular contact and goal setting as well as updates on progress, the declutter job was diligently completed. What seemed daunting and overwhelming initially, became manageable and even enjoyable with Vicky’s help. Well done and thank you, Vicky. This was a huge job! We are so grateful for your time, energy, kindness and expertise. Claire Morris

Vicky Sim of Simplicity Services was recommended to me when I was personally unable to cope with packing up and disposing of all my possessions, prior to moving home. She dealt with the mammoth task calmly and sensitively.  She sorted and packed very efficiently and methodically. She then referred to an endless list of dealers and institutions to dispose of everything. Vicky is every bit a professional and I highly recommend her services. Audrey Baker 

For me packing up my flat with its lifetime collection of things has been such an amazingly painless process.  And what is more, I know you have done everything as well or better than I could have done it myself had I been well enough. You had excellent ideas of where things could go and contacts with people who would be interested in buying or receiving things. You were so careful to check every step with me and to make sure my wishes were respected. I do hope this business of yours takes off since it is such a good service. Prof Leana Uys 

I came across Vicky Sim quite by accident, at a time when I was desperately trying to encourage my mother to start packing up the home she had been in for 23 years. Where my mother was disinclined to take encouragement and advice from her daughter, she found it easier to do so from this compassionate, encouraging, but firm, “stranger”. With my living in Cape Town, it was such a relief and a blessing to know there was someone professional, trustworthy and efficient in Durban to oversee the early phases of packing and identifying what was to be kept and what was to be disposed of. Her list of appropriate third parties to assist where required was also invaluable. She was scrupulous in keeping me updated during the weeks prior to my arrival. I do not know how we would have managed it all without her assistance and I highly recommend her service. Tanya Browne