Sorting your loved one's estate is an emotional process because of the memories that are represented in his or her home, furniture and personal belongings.

It can be helpful to have a sympathetic person not connected with the family to assist with the practical aspects, in consultation with the executor of the estate.

If you live out of town or overseas, it can be challenging to get everything done in the limited time available.  We help to finalise arrangements and to tie up loose ends.

Technology is very helpful in managing the communication aspects of the sorting process, e.g. setting up a family what's app group to keep everyone informed and to make decisions on certain items.



  • An assessment of your loved one’s estate (home and belongings) to determine the extent of support required.
  • Compiling an inventory of key items of furniture, ornaments, paintings, and other personal effects.

Sorting and letting go

  • Sorting your loved one’s computer, email and/or paperwork to hand over to the executor.
  • Supporting you and your family in the often emotional process of deciding what to keep, sell, give away, recycle etc.  This will be done in close consultation with the executor of the estate to ensure that no legal difficulties are encountered.
  • Organising the sale or donation of furniture and other items.
  • Arranging the transport of furniture and other items to yourself and/or other family members.
  • Putting items in storage until a decision has been made.

Organising and managing service providers

  • Organising cleaning services, furniture removal services and other service providers.
  • Arranging and managing building maintenance contractors (e.g. electricians, plumbers, painters) to prepare the property for sale.