Juggling our home and work lives, while still trying to fit in time for family, friends and other activities we enjoy, leaves little time to just unwind and 'smell the roses'.  Often we take on too much, burning ourselves out in the process.

Not managing ourselves, our space and our time adequately is part of the problem. Email, cell phones and social media mean that we are constantly available, often to the detriment of our health.

Illness, anxiety or depression, or neurological conditions like ADHD can also hamper our ability to manage our lives. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed can be linked to major life changes, such as the arrival of a new child, moving home, the loss of a loved one or divorce.

We come alongside you to review your current situation and together chart a way forward towards a simpler and less stressful way of living.



  • Take stock of your life, your commitments and activities.
  • Identify those areas that need attention to minimise stress.
  • These could include
    • decluttering and organising your home and/or work space
    • financial management
    • enlisting support from others in your family or at work
    • areas where you may need to step back to give yourself some breathing space.


  • Prioritise your activities and work on managing your time better.

Making it stick

  • Provide you with practical tools to simplify the way you live your life.
  • Introducing new routines and habits, like involving your family in home management (tidying up, cleaning, cooking etc.)
  • Work on establishing boundaries with the people around you so that you don't take on more than what are your rightful responsibilities.