Decluttering and organising your space

Our home environments are critical to our well-being. A cluttered, disorganised home can be very stressful but is often a reality in our very busy lives.  Sometimes, what used to work for us in our homes, now no longer fits with our current lifestyle. Life changes do not necessarily translate into changes in the way that our homes are organised. I can assist you to reassess how your home is currently working for you, how to reduce the clutter, and how to put in place systems which will ensure that your home life functions more efficiently and calmly. This can be applied to one room or to your whole home environment.

Some of the assistance that I provide:

  • An assessment of your home or a particular room or situation that is not functioning as you would like it to.  This may be due to a change of life circumstances (e.g. children leaving home, new baby, death of spouse/loved one), the acquisition of furniture or other items from family, or just an accumulation of things over the years.
  • Matching how your home functions to mesh with your current life situation and lifestyle. This may require changes to how certain rooms are used and how furniture is arranged to make your home function better.
  • Supporting you in the process of deciding what to keep, give away, sell, recycle or discard to achieve the home life that you desire.
  • I will help you to order your belongings and to simplify systems in your home so that your home functions better.
  • Organising and filing your personal documents, so that they are easily accessible for yourself, as well as care providers and family in the event of illness or death.