What a good feeling! Six days until Christmas and everything is done apart from a little baking of Christmas cookies (my annual favourite – cranberry shortbread) early next week. The presents have all been purchased and wrapped, one roast is in the freezer and the gammon has been ordered, and we are about to leave for a week’s break down the coast tomorrow.

The secret to this miracle is deliberately choosing to keep Christmas simple this year. As a family we got together to plan the Christmas meal. The last couple of years I did a cooked meal on Christmas eve, but this year I bailed out. I didn’t feel like the stress of cooking a hot roast meal again. We have decided to get the guys involved – they will be cooking the meat on the Weber – and the ladies will be doing some simple veggie dishes on the side. The desserts will be made ahead of time.

As far as gifts go, we agreed on a Rand limit per person and the giving of only consumable gifts (such as chocolates and beauty products). This will minimise the wasteful clutter of gifts that often end up not being used or liked. It was so much easier to shop for consumables this year, rather than trying to think up creative gift ideas for each person. And the gifts are more likely to be enjoyed.

If you are still in the throes of getting ready for Christmas, you are welcome to make use of my top ten tips for a stress-free Christmas. While they are specifically directed towards people with ADHD, they are also applicable to anyone who wants to enjoy a calm and peaceful Christmas period.

Here’s wishing you a blessed time with your friends and families this Christmas.

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