My name is Vicky Sim, Professional Organiser and owner of Simplicity Services.

I am passionate about helping my clients to organise and manage their ‘stuff’ and space, so that they can focus on what matters most in life.

After +20 years in the town planning profession, I launched Simplicity Services in 2012. Professional organising blends my genuine desire to help others with my spatial skills and organising abilities - an extremely fun and rewarding profession! It has been a real honour to meet and come alongside so many lovely clients of different ages and circumstances.

I have a special interest in helping clients with the process of downsizing and moving, especially older clients who may not have family around to assist them. Likewise, I love helping clients struggling with various physical or mental health challenges to implement practical steps that can make their lives, and their home environments, more manageable and less stressful.


Experienced and Equipped

Simplicity Services has over 8 years’ experience working with a range of clients and organising situations. Vicky Sim has completed a number of certificates with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization to be equipped to assist clients challenged by a range of physical, mental health and related conditions that impact their lives and home environments.

Accepting and Supportive

Inviting a professional organiser into your personal home space can be daunting. We seek to make the process as comfortable as possible, offering a non-judgemental, respectful and supportive service.

Confidentiality and Respect

All your personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and your personal belongings with respect.

Personalised Service

We recognise that each client’s home environment, lifestyle and family are unique; and therefore offer a personalised service that meets your specific needs.

Partnership Approach

Ours is a partnership approach - while we provide guidance, support and advice, all decisions about what stays or goes are yours.


Through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) I have obtained certificates in a range of areas, to equip myself to better serve my clients:

  • Chronic disorganisation
  • Needs of the elderly client
  • Hoarding
  • ADHD
  • Mental and physical health conditions
  • Life transitions
  • Learning styles and modalities
  • Student client needs